Opening – Monday 29th March 2021 – we look forward to seeing you!

11 thoughts on “Opening – Monday 29th March 2021 – we look forward to seeing you!”

  1. We can’t wait to come back! Hopefully we will be on holiday in Sandford in April, so we shall come and see you then!

  2. Hi all,
    I am so very pleased that you will be reopening following the sad passing of Ms Barnard. I have not returned to visit since my first one back in the early 1970’s with my family, even though we lived in Wareham! I’m a Purbeck expat now in Fife but come “home” every year to catch up with friends and family, bitter sweet now my father passed last November. He knew Jenny Barnard quite well, him being a Wareham boy all his days. His dad was pals with the lad (can’t recall his first name) Kitcatt who drowned in the Pool whilst swimming, dad told us the story when we went there that time and I have never forgotten it.
    I will be sure to visit once we are allowed out of Scotland!

    I wish you all the very best of luck for the future.

    Best wishes
    Jules Hathaway

  3. This is the best news I have heard for a long time. I hope you will keep the essence of this unique place. I can’t wait to be back.

  4. Janet Williams

    It sounds a beautiful place to visit! We have just moved to Church Knowle from Walton on Thames in Surrey and can’t wait to explore! Can we bring our mini schnauzer dog, Lilly to Blue Pool?
    Many thanks,

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