Terms & Conditions - The Blue Pool EST. 1935


Welcome, subject to the following terms and conditions. Comments The Blue Pool Nature Reserve & Tearooms offer a wonderful opportunity for customers to come and explore nature in the beautiful Purbecks. We are however situated on a Site of Special Scientific Interest and as such we ask our customers to be respectful of this unique ecosystem at all times. Access and use of this site is provided by The Blue Pool a trading name of M&P Property Investments Ltd – a limited liability company and is subject to the following terms and conditions (T&C). Your use of this website and attendance at The Blue Pool or on the estate constitutes acceptance of these T&C. We reserve the right to alter these T&C at any time. T&C Entry to The Blue Pool and Furzebrook Estate is on condition that customers do not swim, nor paddle or enter the water anywhere on the premises, site or estate. Dogs must be kept on leads at all times. No Barbecues are permitted or naked flames of any kind. The site is a No Smoking site due to risk of fire and public health. No Drones are permitted on the estate without express permission of a Director of M&P Property Investments Ltd. All visitors are forbidden from maliciously damaging any flora, forna or property on the estate and must leave the site when it closes our when asked to do so. All visitors accept on entry that there is an assumed risk on entering the site. Although we will at all times ensure that we maintain the site and its facilities to the best of our abilities and as far as is reasonable for us to do so, it must be accepted that the area is ‘wild’ and as such there is a potential for injury from the flora, fauna and landscape itself. Children should be supervised at all times, particularly when near water or when playing on the playground. NO SWIMMING. All playgrounds on site are for the use of children only. The equipment provided is not intended nor is it suitable for the use of adults. There is the potential for injury when using the playground and care and consideration must be offered to other users at all times. Visitors to the website can download and extract any location data only from images on the website. Any person failing to abide by these terms and conditions of entry may be asked to leave the site at the sole discretion of The Blue Pool staff, employees or any representative of The Blue Pool failure to do so will constitute trespass and will be reported to the Police. Contact Any concerns whilst on the site or estate should be reported to a member of The Blue Pool staff immediately. You may choose to provide us with your details which we may store in accordance with our legal requirements. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding these terms & conditions or if any aspect is unclear then please seek our guidance. We look forward to seeing you.

The Blue Pool Nature Reserve & Tearooms.
Our website address is: www.bluepooltearooms.co.uk and www.thebluepool.co.uk