The Blue Pool

Nature Reserve

A Site of Special Scientific Interest – this fragile environment received protection from exploitation well before global ecological damage became a public concern.  

The Blue Pool Nature Reserve

Nature Rerserve

The Blue Pool Nature Reserve is a Site of Special Scientific Interest. We have an abundance of flora and fauna. 

Animals, plants and insects thrive within the Pool grounds and throughout the Estate. Shy Dartford Warblers, perch in the yellow flowering gorse and rare Green Sand Lizards bask on the sandy banks, magnificent dragonflies hover over the lilies, while sika deer move silently through the thickets of rhododendron to gather among the birch groves. Wild squirrels keep a watchful eye on the buzzards circling overhead and you may even see a secretive badger.

Sika Deer 2
Tawny Owls

‘Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished’ – Lao Tzu 

Sika Deer

One of six species of UK deer. Marsh and heathland. Stags grow up to 70kg. Arguably the most hardy of all deer species.

Deer Herd


Live underground in setts, short legged omnivore. Wide bodies and short legs for digging. Grow to around 90cm.



Breeding in every country of the UK. High flying impressive bird or prey. Numbers have quadrupled since 1970.


Grey Squirrel

Indigenous to North America now common in the UK. An ecologically essential natural forest generator. 

Squirrel 2


Tawny Owl medium size, commonly found in woodland. Round head, large dark eyes and hooked beak… & very wise!

Owl 2

Green Sand Lizard

One of Britain’s rarest and endangered reptiles – the Furzebrook Estate holds almost 4% of the entire UK population.

Sand Lizard