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Nurturing the ecological diversity or this special site.
Changing the way we interact with the environment,
viewing our landscape with fresh eyes.

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The Furzebrook Estate is wonderfully located across the Isle of Purbeck. National designated as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty with hundreds or acres of heathland, woodlands, lakes and meadows.

The Furzebrook Estate is arguably the most ecologically diverse area in the country. Home to a number of endangered species. Please help us to take care of the Estate and its occupants. The Furzebrook Estate is privately owned, remain respectful of opening hours & footpaths, so as to ensure this Site of Special Scientific Interest remains unspoilt. 


Furzebrook Estate

Working hand-in-hand with likeminded organisations within the Isle of Purbeck, we aim to protect our wildlife and this wonderful nature reserve for generations to come. We have introduced wild ponies for grazing, Mangalica pigs (wild-boar) to rotavate the soil and bees to pollinate. 

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Ethically Sourced Produce

Please feel free to challenge us on our ecological credentials… we are trying to ensure that the ecological of The Furzebrook Estate remains diverse and wild for generations to come. Why not consider purchasing some healthy, local venison, free range pork or honey from our own apiary?

Heath & Sky

The Dorset Heathlands - one of Britain's last remaining great heaths.

The story of heathland

One of our most wild-seeming landscapes, heathland has actually been shaped by human actions. It began at least 5000 years ago, when humans started clearing trees growing on infertile soils, probably to entice game into clearings to make hunting easier. Later they used it to graze livestock. In some areas, layers of charcoal show that the forest was cleared repeatedly by fire for grazing or crops. Most heathlands are thought to date from the Bronze Age some 3000 years ago.