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Established in 1935
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The Blue Pool Nature Reserve & Tearooms sits at the heart of the 300 acre Furzebrook Estate, in the Isle of Purbeck. In 1985 it was designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) in recognition of its uniqueness and natural heritage. Here, you can witness the power of nature set amongst lush greenery and an array of wildlife. 


The Blue Pool

Dating back to the 17th Century, The Blue Pool was a former clay pit quarried by hand. The Purbeck ball clay was dug from the pit and used to make fine ceramic products such as plates, pipes, cups and tea pots for famous British pottery companies such as Wedgwood. 

When it was abandoned in the early 19th Century, the disused quarry filled with rain water creating a colour phenomenon caused by light diffracting from miniscule particles of clay suspended in its still depths. 

The Blue Pool opened as a popular tourist attraction in 1935. Today there are over 30 acres of nature filled paths and walkways to enjoy, providing unique views of The Blue Pool as you may your way around. 


The Furzebrook Estate is hugely important to the local area, not just for its historical value but as a haven for wildlife.

Sika deer can often be seen grazing, whilst an abundance of dragonflies and damselflies grace The Blue Pool during the spring and summer months. Local bird species including woodpecker, cuckoo, buzzard and the nationally important Dartford warbler inhabit the skies.

Our dedicated Estates Team ensure the site flourishes all year round. Find out more about our wildlife and conservation efforts.


The Tearooms

The Tearooms are a collection of beautiful old buildings packed with art deco / nouveau charm, set under a Canadian cedar shingle roof. Come and enjoy locally sourced food and drink for all tastes and palates, including our popular home made cream teas.

Nurturing the historical integrity & ecological diversity of this cherished site, providing tranquillity and enjoyment for generations to come.

“Our cynical world has few surprises left, if you have never visited us before then prepare to be entranced. The deep waters of The Blue Pool offer a kaleidoscope of colour”. 

Jennifer Barnard